We deeply desire to see a generation of leaders having a profound impact for God’s Kingdom. And we believe millennials have been hand-wired by God for the cultural moment we live in today.

Leader Development groups are designed to be a supplement to a person’s already existing community and involvement to cultivate personal thriving toward a flourishing community.

1. Personal Thriving

Counter-formation is necessary in the world in order to be people who live and lead from a place of freedom. From a place of security we can then engage culture and lead well. The cultural vacuum around us does not bend toward wholeness and sanctification. We intentionally pursue this counter-formation with others because we are created for intimate connection to God and others.

2. Flourishing Community

Living for the “common good” of all doesn’t happen without intentionality. Individuals can be redemptive forces within companies, industries, relational networks, churches, neighborhoods, etc. Companies, industries, churches, and relational networks can be redemptive forces within a city for flourishing & renewal. 

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