“And what you have heard from me in the presence
of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who
will be able to teach others also.”
—2 TIMOTHY 2:2 (ESV)

Jesus commands his followers to “make disciples of all nations”, yet most of us struggle with where to even start. We’ll discover that reproducing the Kingdom begins with simply learning to create an intentional plan and trusting the Spirit to do His good work.


Explore the biblical mandate Jesus has for investing in the lives of others and its practical implications, and becoming a disciple of Jesus who makes disciples who makes disciples.


Over the next few weeks you will…

  • Learn how the Kingdom expands through Jesus’ command of discipleship.
  • Develop your own personal “why-how-what” manifesto about disciple-making.
  • Process your Mini-Manifesto with a partner.
  • Think about who God has placed in your life that he may be asking you to intentionally share life with and apprentice.

Discipleship is likely not a new idea to you. What is one thing you want to trust God to go from your head to your heart in the coming 4-6 weeks about being someone who invests in others?

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