“In repentance and rest is your salvation,
in quietness and trust is your strength.”
—ISAIAH 30:15 (NIV)

Rest, on its surface, seems like such a simple concept. Yet, for the vast majority of us, our lives are over-filled with work deadlines, social obligations and wasted energy spent trying to live up to the expectations that the world has placed on us. God wants us to architect our lives in a way that depends on Him for strength and sustenance, and not ourselves.


Discover and explore God’s heart for Sabbath rest as it relates to growth as a leader and ability to lead for the long haul.


Over the next few weeks you will…

  • Explore why God created man and instituted the rhythm of Sabbath rest.
  • Make a personalized Sabbath Plan practical for your life in the city.
  • Live out your plan on at least two days before our next meetings.
  • Debrief your experience with your process partner and share ideas about possible “rest scenarios” in the city.
  • Share the exercise with a friend.

As we explore God’s heart for rest , what is one thing you hope God allows you to discover?

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