How Does God See Me?

“A person gets his identity in life based on how the most important person in his life sees him.”


Loser? Sinner? Friend? Poser? Stranger? Orphan? Leader?

How God sees you shapes your personality, your attitude, and your relationships. Few of us were raised in homes where we were consistently taught that God sees us as His child… a son or daughter that was chosen by God to be included in His family. We didn’t just happen;” we were intentionally adopted by our Heavenly Father.

He wanted you; He wants you still.

He wants to help you… to be there for you. He wants to guide you, affirm you, bless you, and pursue you. He wants to help you interpret the events and circumstances of your life so you have peace about them. He wants to continually teach you so you’ll teach others. A disciple is a learner and follower of Jesus. And that starts when we accept our position in His family… beloved, adopted, forgiven child of the Living God.

During this journey you will find yourself drifting back to lies about who you are. Take a moment to think about a time when you felt like you were living out your true identity.

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