What is Going on Inside of Me?

Where do you turn to for baseline security, emotional connectedness, and core identity?

There are things that we intellectually know are true about God and our relationship with Him, but we know all too well that a different reality gets lived out more than not in our everyday lives.

We all have internal drivers that take over and make us forget the gospel. We all have broken cisterns we seek for sources of satisfaction instead of drinking deeply from the
Living Water as our Source (Jeremiah 2:12-13). We have default patterns and false beliefs that we unknowingly construct our world around.

If we desire to be leaders (both now and in the future) who have the security and self-awareness to lead with faith-filled courage, we must identify and know well the internal battles that will surface because of our stories. It’s not enough to polish the surface of our lives and allow our leadership development to be about adding skills that are merely external bells and whistles. We must take a look “underneath the hood” of our lives to diagnose the engine of our interior world and what the core issues are that really drive us.

And most of the time, in a beautiful redemptive surprise, we find that our true calling is often tied to the very things in our lives that we try to hide.

“Everyone is normal until you get to know them.”

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