All leaders are in a growth process that requires intentionality. In addition, internal barriers inevitably surface in ways that are destructive to others and ourselves; we must address these barriers in order to be effective leaders. The following two assignments will
provide opportunities for the experience of high grace and high truth.

1. The 4 Developmental Tasks

Henry Cloud in his book, Changes that Heal, develops 4 concepts that he refers to as “developmental tasks.” These four tasks are processed, either intentionally or unintentionally, by people in their twenties on the road to healthy adulthood. Attention to these tasks in the context of communities that are high-grace and high-truth will help young leaders set a trajectory of emotional health that will give them the ability to have an impact for the rest of their lives.

Read the article for a description of the developmental tasks. Choose one of the four tasks and take some time to journal deeper reflection. There are several questions listed with each task. They are there, in part, to help you gain a deeper understanding of the implications of development regarding that specific growth area.

Read, reflect, journal, and be prepared to share with your process partner answers to at least 3 questions from that category that resonates deeply with you.

2. The Dark Side of Leadership Assessment

This assessment will help you determine how strengths taken to an extreme can actually become an achilles heel to your leadership. Your identity is not wrapped up in the result of this assignment. Applying grace and truth to these areas allow for growth and healing where the dark places in your heart negatively impacts the way you lead.

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