How Do I See Myself?

Find a quiet place where you can escape the noise of the city and write out your response to this question:

“When I think about myself… Who I am as a person…What words would I use to describe the real me?”

Jot down those words in a column… keep it to less than 10 words. This is personal, so be dead-level honest with yourself; no one else has to see your list. Don’t filter these words, just write down what comes to you. There should be some positive words and some negative words if you’re being honest with yourself.

Now pray and ask God to give you the words that HE would use to describe you—his adopted son/daughter.

Beside each of the words you wrote down in the first column, jot down the word or scripture that came to you when you asked God for his descriptor. Look at the contrast between the words. Think about the difference between how you see yourself and how God sees you, then come to the next session prepared to share what you’ve discovered.

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