PRACTICE: Why? How? What?


Why? How? What?

Often, when people get intentional about being discipled and making disciples, the conversation is often about WHAT to do. In our modern era, we have in many instances reduced the discipleship process to a passive act of being taught intellectually about Jesus and spiritual disciplines. The problem is that what we call discipleship today is nothing like how Jesus discipled and modeled discipleship.

  • To cultivate the WHY behind every follower of Jesus engaging in ongoing rhythms of making disciples who make disciples, read the Spiritual Addition vs. Spiritual Multiplication article
  • To cultivate the HOW of disciple-making, read Why We Don’t Make Disciples Like Jesus Did. Journal about some of the gut-level honest reasons you may or may not engage in being and/or making disciples as Jesus commanded?
Make a Mini-Manifesto

As you consider all these simple yet important perspectives to spark your thinking, make a list of values of how you would apprentice other people in your life as God moves you to live out the Great Commission.

Think as if someone comes up to you in a month and asks you to disciple them (despite the reality that you will likely have to initiate), make a mini manifesto on WHY you would do it, HOW you would do it, & WHAT you would do.

Use Scripture and Jesus’ model to help develop your thinking. What motivates you? Where might you be motivated merely by obligation?

In short, what has God in His grace given you that He’s inviting you to give away?

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