PROCESS: How can I do it


The most effective disciple-makers are those who are continual humble learners. Learn from each other’s thoughts as you consider joining God in building the Kingdom by making disciples who make disciples.

1. Encourage and challenge each other’s thoughts in your why-how-what “manifestos.”

Often we battle with false beliefs that we have nothing to offer. As you discuss, listen for those lies and expose them for one another.

2. Is there anyone with whom God is prompting you to initiate?

Discipleship can happen in either an informal or a formal way. Who is in your life that Jesus is asking you to intentionally disciple in a way that flows with your natural pattern of your friendship? Who is in your life that you might want to invite to commit to meeting with you consistently to seek God together in a discipleship relationship? (Jesus was very intentional in His interaction with Peter, James and John; and in how he chose his 12
disciples.) Discuss how would you go about having those conversations?

3. What honestly keeps you from being a disciple who makes disciples?

Awkwardness in initiating? Fear of failure? Not knowing what to do? Perfectionism? How would Jesus speak to your barriers?

4. How would the world be different if people in your generation were passionate about being disciples who make disciples?

Share and pray for people with whom God may want you to initiate.

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