“The Great King has summoned each of us into His throne
room. Take this portion of my kingdom, He says, ‘I am
making you my steward over your office, your workbench,
your kitchen stove. Put your heart into mastering this
part of my world. Get it in order; unearth its treasures; do
all you can with it. Then everyone will see what a glorious
King I am.’ That’s why we get up every morning and go to
work. We don’t labor simply to survive; insects do that.
Our work is an honor, a privileged commission from our
great King. God has given each of us a portion of His
kingdom to explore and to develop to it fullness.”


Share with your process partner insight you have gotten into who you are as it relates to your vocational calling and the burdens God is putting on your heart. Or perhaps you find yourself confused and concerned about your vocation. Share your process.

What was confirming? What was surprising?
What was freeing? What scared you?

Take time to reflect to one another the gifts and passions you see in him/her. Speak words of life into one another. Pray together that God would raise up your generation to say “yes” to the vocational call of Jesus on their lives.

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