Self-Differentiated & Seamless

Leaders who are self-differentiated/seamless are able to see the world around them as emotional systems and be able to, in that process, make independent choices and
lead from a place of security and conviction.

They are characterized by:

1. Sense of my own limits and the limits of others
  • Respect for others, but one’s own identity is defined from within, rather than adapting to please others.
2. Clarity about what I believe
  • What I would die for….and what’s not worth it?
4. Ability to stay on-course
  • Emotional and spiritual stamina to stick with a God-given goal or desire, and not let others’ reactions change your course.
5. Staying connected relationally in the midst of it all.
  • Able to resist the impulse to attack or cut off from those who are most reactive to you.
  • Maintaining a relatively non-reactive give-and-take, grace and truth, with those who are reacting to you (easier said than done!).

How does the ability to stay connected relationally relate to a leader’s ability to be compassionate and bold about the claims of Christ?

How does understanding how Christ sees you impact your ability to be self-differentiated/seamless and engage people in your life?

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