Finding Freedom

“Living by grace instead of by works means you are free
from the performance treadmill. It means God has
already given you an “A” when you deserved an “F.”
He has already given you a full day’s pay even though you
may have worked for only one hour. It means you don’t
have to perform certain spiritual disciplines to earn
God’s approval. Jesus Christ has already done that for you.
You are loved and accepted by God through the merit of
Jesus, and you are blessed by God through the merit
of Jesus. Nothing you ever do will cause Him to love you
any more or any less. He loves you strictly by His grace given to you through Jesus.”


What is a goal, task, or relationship that is important to you in this season that is causing you stress and anxiety? It can be related to job, family, church, personal, etc.

How do you feel when you think about the need to accomplish this?

How do you go about this task from a place of security?

How are you trying to get security from your performance in accomplishing this task or goal?

How can surrendering to and depending upon the Holy Spirit impact how you approach this goal, task, relationship, etc.?

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