Think about your circles of friends and co-workers.

Who do you see that might be chaffing in their current job?
How might you encourage them in grace and truth with some of the truths you have been processing over the past few weeks?

After talking with your friend(s), assess how that conversation went. What did you learn?

“I’m going to be straight with you here after thirty years
of ministry and a heap of observation. If you make your
secret goal to sidestep controversy and to keep everybody
liking you and nobody misunderstanding you, you’re
going to lock yourself in a jail cell of stale air that you will
suffocate every last breath out of your calling. Your soul
was made for more than three square inches of breathing
space. If you’re trying to avoid a label, good luck with that.
Social media has sentenced us to label hell. And, since
there’s not much changing that, this is the one label we
Jesus-followers can try to avoid: disobedient.”

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